It is called a Garden Isle for a reason. Oldest of the Hawaiian Islands, Kauai has soaring peaks, dark green mountains and valleys and more beaches than all the other islands combined. You can swim in a mountain pool, ride a helicopter around spires and peaks, eat dinner on a sunset sail, learn to Kayak and scuba with fluorescent reef fish - and that's all just the first day.

An ancient island, Kaua‘i was born of fire and sculpted by Pele legendary goddess of the volcano. It is filled with mana, an elemental energy manifested by the cliffs, surf and waterfalls of this hard to imagine landscape. It is shrouded in mists. It is a natural Island, shrouded in mists, ringed by rainbows and gentled by ocean breezes. It is an abundant Island, lush with tropical fruits, rare orchids and life-giving taro.

If you don't want to spend every waking hour on the go, Kauai weather can lull you into a state of tropical paralysis reading a book or listening to your ipod on the beach. The sun is warm but not scorching. You can find busy beach front activities or isolated beaches where you may be the only person within sight.